Delivery Time: 5-12 Days


Those Device are sold by Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, etc... Basically any AT&T Reseller.

When you run a GSX Check report, it must show:

Initial Activation : 4000 US Reseller Flex Policy
Applied Activation : 23 US AT&T Activation Policy
Next Tether : 23 US AT&T Activation Policy

Those imeis are the one who will not get unlocked using clean service or premium service but you know they are AT&T.
Some common error is "The IMEI you entered does not appear to be an AT&T wireless phone or tablet." when using AT&T Clean Service.

This is a special service for those imei, but you must first run a GSX Checeek report and make sure it show: "4000 US Reseller Flex" for initial activation
And the device must be activated first with an AT&T SIM Card"